Friday, January 15, 2016

Park Avenue (Dennison, TX)

We thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend Christmas in Houston with some of the Brandell family (our second of three Christmas celebrations during the season!). Being down south also afforded us the opportunity to visit one of the many Stateside churches that sent money for cyclone relief earlier in the year. I was given the opportunity to publicly thank the congregation for their generous contribution, and to give a quick update on how things are progressing.

We were greatly encouraged by the reception we received by the congregation after services, with several showing a great interest in learning more about the work. The visit was yet another reminder of how wonderful Christian fellowship is, in spite of the fact that we had never met most of these Christians. Phil and Marge are originally from our hometown of Duncan that has been supporting us financially for 10+ years, and we cherished the opportunity to have lunch with them (our first time to see them in as many years). We are thankful that they had brought the Vanuatu need before the congregation.

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