Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Last year, one of our supporting congregations (29th and Yale - Tulsa, OK) provided funds to begin placing a classified ad in the Daily Post here in Vanuatu offering Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC). To date, 27 direct responses have been received. Several of them include a letter with their request. Here are some excerpts:

“I believe that this Free Bible Correspondence Courses will give me lots of answers to my questions that my church Pastor can’t give me and he always says that my questions or arguments about his Bible studies are disturbing.”

“My home, family, community, island and country will be blessed too, through these courses. Praise the Lord.”

“I have been longing to learn more about God’s word and I wish I would gain a place in the courses you are now offering in Vanuatu.”

“I am a 34 year old mother of 3. My husband just died [earlier this year]...I believe this is going to help me out with my family.”

“I really appreciate your offer, and I would like to have more knowledge of God’s word. Thank you, and God bless.”

“Thank you for the love of Christ in you all in helping many to know about Him more - and understand His word written in the Holy Bible.”

Many of these BCC students have included their friends and family as referrals, which means many more courses have been distributed. This month, I established an email address to which potential students can send their requests. The first day the new ad ran, we had three requests via email. In addition, I am compiling a mailing list that will be utilized in promoting various outreach events. For example, the Vila congregation will use the mailing list to invite all the Vila BCC students to the upcoming PIBC courses that will be conducted in June.

Please be praying for these BCC students, and that the ads will continue to promote interest.

Leadership training

Beginning this year, I decided to add a new element to our youth group meetings in Tulwei Village (N/W Malekula) - leadership training. We studied principles from the book of James for two months. Each week, we talked about some practical things they could do with the book of James to better understand the book, apply it to their lives, and assist others as well. I gave the youth seven options from which to choose (they each chose three items): Private reading, Public reading, Song leading, Lesson delivery, Exam, Drawing, and Memory verse.

Lolit and Lolin exhibited their skills during a Wednesday morning Ladies devo. Rensly, Bronsly, LinJon, and Nika exhibited the skills they had learned following a Sunday assembly. I was especially pleased that two of them chose Lesson delivery (as public speaking is very difficult in this traditionally-shy culture). I supplied them with a text from James and a short outline for the lesson. Several of the boys chose drawing, wherein they drew a picture of a verse from James, thus making it “come alive” very effectively (their drawings will be hung in the church building). For those who chose private reading, they were to read through the entire book in one sitting (three times total), marking the verses where they read the words faith or work. Two of them chose to study for and take an exam on the book (both got a 100%). Those who lead songs or read publicly showed how their song/reading fit within the context of James.

I think the process proved to be very effective, as the youth and the congregation were encouraged by the progress that was manifested. I was ecstatic! We are going to continue to follow this format, and hope that it will be a blessing to all involved.