Monday, July 14, 2014

Thinking in Vanuatu: Dead to...

Since we were traveling a lot while in the States last year, I bought a couple of old iPod touch units off of eBay so the kids could be real Americans in the car ;). I got good deals on them because their screens were broken, and then I replaced the screens - cheapskate, I know.

The kids use them here when we travel by plane, and during our recent trip to Malekula I told Titus he could listen to some music on it with his friends while in the village. My mistake. When he was finished, he put it in his pocket, and subsequently waded out in the ocean ... rendering his iPod dead.

He was so confused, because though the iPod looked exactly the same as it did before, it wouldn't respond to any of his efforts to get it to function.

During the same trip, and in practically the same water, Billy was baptized into Christ. It got me to thinking, what if our baptism (like the iPod's) truly rendered us "dead" to sin, as Paul speaks of in Romans 6? When temptation "pushes your buttons," how responsive are you? Just something to think about...

Dead-to-sin Billy :)

Dead-to-function iPod :(

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